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Anderson whips elle macpherson into shape

Supermodel Elle Macpherson, famously known as "The Body," was gearing up for her second walk down the aisle with financier Arki Busson. While the iconic beauty may have expressed reservations about wearing traditional white attire, there's no doubt that she planned to dazzle on her big day.

Unlike many brides-to-be who embark on months of rigorous dieting and exercise to achieve their desired wedding day look, Elle is already in peak physical condition. Her secret weapon? Former AFL star and renowned Perth fitness guru, Brady Anderson.

Former North Melbourne star Brady is responsible for whipping some gamorous clients, such as ballet stars, models and even a German courtess into shape.

Elle Macpherson enlisted the expertise of Brady Anderson, and the results were nothing short of spectacular. The Australian supermodel committed to an intensive training regimen, working with Anderson five days a week. Her motivation? Preparing for a starring role in the Australian stage production of "The Blue Room," which was slated to include controversial nude scenes. Though the play was ultimately canceled before opening night, Elle remained committed to maintaining her impressive physique for her upcoming nuptials.

Brady Anderson, a former North Melbourne star, has earned a reputation for sculpting the bodies of high-profile clients, including ballet stars, models, and even European nobility. It was Elle's dedication, however, that enabled her to regain her coveted form after the birth of her son, Flynn, four years ago. Remarkably, within weeks of giving birth, Elle had already reclaimed her enviable figure.

Anderson's training regimen includes a combination of long-distance running, short sprints, and targeted weight workouts. This multifaceted approach has helped Elle Macpherson swiftly transform her physique, ensuring she looks nothing short of breathtaking when she walks down the aisle for the second time.

Elle's commitment to her fitness journey, even in the absence of a stage production, showcases her dedication to living a healthy and active lifestyle. As the wedding day approaches, fans and followers eagerly anticipate her radiant appearance and stunning transformation as she prepares to say "I do" once again.

Elle Macpherson's upcoming wedding promises to be a memorable affair, and with her unwavering dedication to fitness, she is poised to shine as one of the most stunning brides of the year.



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