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Graham's Story

As a  former professional athlete, I have always understood the importance of movement and physical health. However, despite my dedication to fitness and exercise, I found myself dealing with chronic knee pain that no other therapist had been able to resolve. I was informed that a knee replacement may be my only option. 

Fortunately, that’s when I was recommended to see Brady Anderson at ABM. From the very first session, I knew that Anderson was different. His approach to movement and pain relief was comprehensive and holistic, and he took the time to understand my unique needs and challenges.

From Anderson’s analysis of motion to the analysis of functional movement and movement patterns to enable proper diagnosis and a combination of Active Release Technique, corrective exercises, and bodywork, Anderson was able to help me address the underlying causes of my chronic pain.

He worked with me to identify movement patterns that were contributing to my pain and helped me to retrain my nervous system through neuroplasticity exercises.

The results were truly remarkable. After just a few sessions, I noticed a significant improvement in my pain levels and mobility. As I continued to work with Anderson, my pain continued to decrease, and I was able to resume my normal activities without fear of aggravating my injury.

What impressed me most about Anderson and the ABM methodology was his commitment to long-term results. Unlike other therapists who simply treat the symptoms of pain, Anderson was focused on addressing the root cause of my pain and helping me to create lasting changes in my movement patterns.

Today, I am pain-free and able to enjoy all of the activities that I love, from playing sports to spending time with my family. I am grateful to Brady Anderson and the ABM team for helping me to overcome my chronic pain and regain my quality of life.


If you are dealing with chronic pain, I would highly recommend giving ABM a try - it truly changed my life.

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